How I got here

It’s been an interesting journey getting here, that’s for sure. At school I was the good kid that all the teachers loved (except one of my Maths teachers at secondary school, who obviously just didn’t get me), who put his head down, enjoyed learning(!) and strived for good marks and the praise that came with it.

After GCSE’s, school started getting more ‘serious’, and I chose the equally serious subjects for A-levels. Sciences and Maths. Ouch. I had no clue what I wanted to do (though I’d convinced myself Medicine was a good option – hence the subject choices), and it would have been more handy to choose a wider selection of subjects. I dropped out of uni (twice), fell into recruitment, did a Masters, tried doing ‘my own thing’, and then took some time off. I also dealt with some mental health issues along the way (which were officially ‘diagnosed’ in late 2016 after the ‘own thing’ didn’t work out).

Also, in the last couple of years, I’ve gotten back into writing. At primary and (early) secondary school I had enjoyed English, writing creative stories and letting my imagination express itself. I supposed I never really took it seriously, and I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence too in any case. It was just this thing I was going to enjoy whilst I could, before school got serious and the ‘rest of my life’ was getting closer. Some time in 2015, I picked up a pen. Initially it took the form of blogging, but then I started journalling and have also started writing poetry again recently. I’ve also started my first story in a long time, which started as a short story, quickly became my first ever novella, and looks like it’s going to become my first novel. I don’t do things by halves, you see, which is why getting started is usually a bigger hurdle than I’d like it to be.

I short, I’ve increasingly thought – during this last year (or so) I’ve had off – that I want to do something involving writing. I was looking at content roles and journalism roles initially. Neither felt quite right.

Then, I started finding out more about publishing, and in particular book publishing. Whilst I am never sure about anything (#baneofmylife), something just feels right about it. It’d be great to get some work experience – the usual route into publishing – and try it out for size. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to use previous skills (e.g. recruitment/sales, writing & reading), and hopefully learn new ones. There are lots of areas within publishing, but hopefully I can find what fits. At the moment, publicity/marketing/editorial appeal to me. I know I’d be focusing on one of these eventually, but I’d love to experience all in a smaller house, as a work experience intern. Hey, you’ll never know until you try, right?

pub how i got here
credit: DanielReche

What I’ve been up to
– Reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos by people in publishing – how they got in, what they do, etcetera
– Joined the Society of Young Publishers
– Been gathering a list of book publishers, and checking out graduate/intern/work experience opportunities

Coming up
– Next week: London Book Fair (Tuesday to Thursday)
– Events/socials connected to the above (tbc – I need to get planning!)

Just like any journey, I’m not sure exactly where this one will lead, nor what will happen along the way. Let’s see what happens – this blog is where I’ll be documenting it all as it unfolds.

by Jas

✏ Written: Friday, 6th April 2018 @ 2.57pm

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