Bare sunshine + ting

As I write this, it’s hot. It’s been a bloomin’ marvellous weekend of sunshine and much-needed Vitamin D. This time last year I was almost in Paris, France, watching 2 full weeks of French Open tennis. Bliss…

Me, this time last year… 🎾🇫🇷☀️


Last week I was back at Hachette HQ aka Carmelite House. This time meeting a non-fiction editor and a publicity person. It was encouraging to hear that both had non-conventional routes in, and one of them also entered the industry aged 26 – which gave me hope as someone also entering it in my twenties. I then spent the day at Hachette on my laptop, getting stuff done from the rooftop outside in the glorious sunshine (they have plug sockets outside too, a dream).

I’ve also been upp-ing the applications this week. I’ve been continuing to try to write lovely, tailored, genuine cover letters. Surely something must land soon, right?

For example, there’s a role at Penguin Random House, which I found out about from someone I met there who is about to leave, and said I sounded like I could be a good fit. She’s passed my CV and enthusiasm onto her boss. I’m waiting. There are also a bunch of schemes I’ve applied to and waiting on, so fingers crossed on those. This week needs to be another ‘speculative week’ of emailing publishers to try and get some work experience, even if they’re not necessarily hiring a junior.

At the same time, I’m keeping a constant close eye out for bookshop vacancies, literary festivals happening in the coming weeks, and so forth. Anything to keep me busy, that will give me relevant skills and experience (and CV points), and perhaps some money in the pocket, too.

I’m back at Carmelite House tomorrow, for a couple more meets. Fingers crossed on those.

Here’s to a productive week, with more sunshine.

Fun fact: On the 5th floor at Carmelite, there are 2 male toilets and 4 female ones.

Also: I went to my 1st spoken word event ever this week, at the 100 Club on Oxford Street. Good vibes!

by Jasraj

✏ Written: Monday, 7th May 2018 @ 6.01pm

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Spoken Word @ 100 Club, Oxford St.



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