London Book Fair, Day 2

This article is part 2 of a 3-part series. You can also read summaries for Day 1 and Day 3.

I only got to Kensington Olympia just after 3pm today, after yesterday’s long day of Book Fair followed by dinner in town. This morning was vital for recuperation, and the gym/spa session definitely helped.

I felt good, pretty energised and replenished as I made my way to round 2. Here’s what went down:

SYP Talks
So, having joined the SYP (Society of Young Publishers) last week, I got my first taste of them with 2 talks. I made sure I got there early for a decent seat, and both of the “Getting into publishing” and “Getting ahead in publishing” didn’t disappoint. The first one was particularly relevant to me, but I took copious notes for both. The the time flew – it was so useful to get tips, tricks, and “thoughts from the inside” from a bunch of lovely folks.

A friend
I made my 1st proper pal at the book fair. Juanita was a lovely girl (with a lovely name) who sat next to me for both talks, and we got chatting about all sorts. She’s a fellow introvert and writer, and we bonded from the get-go. I wasn’t looking forward to trudging to the pub afterwards for socialising on my Jack Jones, so her company was appreciated!

And more…
And then, as we were leaving the room after the 2nd SYP talk, we got chatting to another lovely person called Hannah, who was totally ace. She works in Rights, an area I pretty much knew nothing about and am now pretty intrigued by. We sat in the pub together, and she told us about what she does now, what she did previously, and how she met a couple of friends (and now flatmates!) through her 1st Book Fair – they’re all in publishing! She also got her 1st experience offered to her at this very pub on that Wednesday night, which was pretty cool to hear about. We also got to meet a couple of her friends, also super-friendly. Seems like the publishing community is a cool crowd. We spoke about all sorts for most of the evening.

After meeting a couple of other folks, I ended up leaving around 11ish. I didn’t get the chance to talk to a lovely (I keep using that word, don’t I?) Sr. Publicity girl as I needed to dash for my train, but I’m going to reach out (update: I have) and hopefully will get to catch up with her soon.

I was pretty knackered as I headed for West Kensington station, but it had been a great day with the talks and the socialising afterwards. I’ve been given lots to think about, especially:

  1.  Really honing in on those relevant/transferable skills when I’m sending emails/applications
  2. Thinking about “where” I want to end up (i.e. what part of publishing I want to work in), whilst also being flexible along the way (this seemed to be a theme, and lots of the advice I heard today was along those lines – have an idea of where you want to go, but be open to trying things out)

Hopefully, I’m going to see a couple of new friends in a couple of weeks’ time at SYP’s ‘Book Bingo’ event (memo: need to book my ticket!).

Right now, my head is spinning and I definitely need to hit the sack the moment I walk through the door (sorry family, I’m not going to be the most energetic bunny tonight).

Bring on Day 3. I’ll be volunteering at the BookCareers’ ‘Career Clinic’ from 2pm, which should be fun. And – most likely – wandering about and getting lost beforehand.

by Jas

✏ Written: Wednesday, 11th April 2018 @ 11.30pm (ish – I ran out of phone battery!)

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writing as AB Guy

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